Добрейшей души человек (igrowing) wrote,
Добрейшей души человек

GPS to FlightGear player

Good pilot learns something new every flight.
To provide another tool for self learning I created this player. It processes and translates recorded GPS data to flight simulator FlightGear.
Both my program and flight simulator FlightGear are FREE.

Screen shots of player:
Main window, full view.

Main window, short view.

Configuration window.

Playing in FlightGear

Download GPS2FG player.
Mirror download.

Changelog / History.

Download package includes:

  • Program files,

  • Protocol defining XML file for FlightGear,

  • Help file (User guide / manual),

  • GPS NMEA data file example,

  • Flight data file example.

The player can smoothly sends aircraft position and orientation to FlightGear simulator which runs on any computer in the world.
You can share your flight impressions with your firends over the seas easily.

This is first program release at early stage of project development. More features (and bugs :) will be added.
Opinions, constructive critique, and contribution can be left in comments to this post.
Tags: aviation, english, flight simulator, flightgear, freeware, software, гаджеты, для себя

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