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Meld as default diff tool in git

To set Meld as default compare tool in git under Windows, make sure the C:\Users\YOUR_USER_NAME\.gitconfig file has following:
tool = meld
[difftool "meld"]
cmd = "\"c:/Program Files (x86)/Meld/Meld.exe\" \"$LOCAL\" \"$REMOTE\""
meld = difftool -t meld --dir-diff

This can be achieved by simple edit or with command lines:
git config --global merge.tool meld
git config --global mergetool.meld.path "C:\Program Files (x86)\Meld\Meld.exe"

First command line is enough for setting Meld as default diff tool under Linux.


- If Meld still does not open, check your_project/.git/config file. It should NOT include the lines above. If the lines are included for some reason then remove them.

- If you encounter this error under Windows (/mingw64/libexec/git-core/git-mergetool--lib: line 124: c:/Program Files (x86)/Meld/Meld.exe: Permission denied) uncheck 'Run as Administrator' in Properties->Compatibility of meld.exe.
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