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Hydration reminder based on physical activity

There are hundreds of apps for smartphones which remind to drink water based on static set of parameters:
- Weight,
- Height,
- Age,
- Gender,
- Body type,
- Periodic physical activity choice,
- Pregnancy/breastfeeding,
- etc.

All of them are just beautiful timers. And all the apps explain carefully and correct (!) why proper watering/hydration of the body is so essential.
None of them reminds drinking water based on current physical activity.

Why watering reminders needed at all? If I feel thirsty I drink. No?
- Many people have wrong habit of drinking. It harms our health. Apps tring people to acquire good habit.
- Often in a rush of activity, we just forget to have basic needs as eatig or drinking. And when we recall or feel extreme need, it's too late. It harms our health.

When person is in rest, lower (normal) heart rate is, followed with less blood passing kidneys and lungs. As result:
- less urine is exreted by kidneys.
- lower heart rate is correlated well with breathing rate. So less water vapor exhaled too.
- very low amount of sweat is excreted. In the rest there is not a need to cool the body by evaporation of sweat.
Under physical load the heart rate rises. This causes more urine excretion, more vapors exhaled, and more sweat generated.
All this, as a sum, leads to higher and sudden water loss in the body.

If physical activity is periodic and reglamented well, there is not a problem with some of existing apps (very few of hundreds).
However, no one of us is a swiss clock. And we live in dynamic, changing world. Sometimes you load your body more, and other times - less.

Therefore, it's crucial to adapt the water consumption dynamically, based of current and ongoing physical activity.
If you don't move then lower amounts of water should be proposed.
More you move, more water should be suggested. More in amount and in shorter interval.

It's easy to estimate heart rate by step count, speed of steps, changing altitude. Accelerometer and GPS are in all smartphones. Barometer is quite popular today too.

As side feature of the app:
Once it tracks physical activity of human, it can remind move or training exersices. There are another humdreds of apps doing just this. So why not merge them together? Physical activity is tightly correlated with water drining and with health.

Heath and thrive!
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